About Kenny's Heart & Soul

Born in Onondaga, NY, Kenny has had an international existence.  He was raised in Taiwan where, at age 6, he learned his most important lesson about food: keep an attitude of spiritual humility when cooking. Kenny has always enjoyed cooking for friends and large gatherings; it kind of came with the territory being from a family of 9 kids.  Kenny built his cooking repertoire on tried and true recipes, modifying technique and taste to build a menu born of a crucible of tastings involving restaurant owners, food critics (we call them family and friends) and food handlers.


Bill was born in Berkeley, CA. Bill’s Mom instilled the idea of fresh fruit and vegetables for the family by cultivating their own garden when he was growing up. Bill was always fascinated by farmers markets here and abroad. Embracing California’s love for honest food,  Bill’s day job with a major airline extends his international perspective on food.  Bill graduated from San Francisco State University in Instructional Design. Using those skills, he instructed flight attendants in food redesign for inflight product. 


Combining knowledge of diverse cultures, international cuisines, and down home attitude, our focus is to bring that feeling of coming home to a real food experience. It is this passion that we want our customers to enjoy.  Of all the cuisine in the world that we could offer we have chosen soul food, bringing it to people where they work, relax and celebrate.  When The Food Truck arrives, so does the party because we like to do things the fun way.  Kenny knows (basically) everyone in the world already unless he only knows a few of your friends and there is never an outsider in his presence.  Our business runs the same.  Everyone has a home where Kenny’s Heart and Soul Food Truck can be found.


Kenny's Heart & Soul 2015


Our Mission
Kenny's Heart and Soul is rooted in a commitment to providing honest food at an affordable price. Our table is one of common diversity where all are welcome. We strive for that satisfied feeling by caring about our food and allowing our guests a pleasurable eating experience.